The Simple Approach to Staying on Track
The Problem We're Solving

We're sure you've heard people complain that "Protein powders are disgusting" or "I get jittery and anxious when I take pre-workout".


These are problems many face when they try supplement products made for elite-level athletes or use poor commercial products.


We set out to make staying on track easier. We went back to the basics. We removed all the fillers, non-sense, and *secret ingredients*. We tested flavors for months. We ultimately created Suppy, the simple approach to supplementation formulated for everyday people.

You can take us home to meet your parents
Our Values

Flavor Focused - If we can't have it on a daily basis, we wont sell it.


Simple Ingredients - We aren't testing any ingredients on our community. If it's not backed-by-science it's not backed-by-Suppy.


Grandma Approved - You won't have to worry about your grandma thinking you're taking dr**s. A pretty package to compliment our pretty community.

Health Canada Licensed Facility

FDA Registered Facility

Following cGMP

Based in Toronto, Ontario

All our products are made in Canada and we're proud to partner with local manufacturers to get the best quality. Suppy is BIPOC owned and operated!

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